Teaser - This Martial Life

Posted by Bill Miksich on March 31, 2018 Run time: 00:40
Teaser - This Martial Life | 03-31-2018 | 00:40

In the coming weeks I’ll be launching the first few episodes of This Martial Life where I’ll be interviewing Shihan Colleen Barongan and Soke Angelito “Bobby” Barongan. Soke Barongan has been in the martial arts nearly all his life, starting in Quezon City, Philippines and Des Moines, Iowa since the 1970’s.

I’ll be talking to Soke Bobby about his journey in the martial arts, the triumphs and failures, as well as the changes he’s been witness to. I’m so excited to be hosting Soke Bobby since he is not only my instructor of 15 years, but he is also a great friend.

I hope you’ll join me.

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