Episode 3 - Sensei Shay Jackson

Posted by on June 04, 2018 Run time: 00:58:48

Sensei Shay has been a practitioner for over 20 years. In that 20 years, he’s racked up 4 SKI/NBL world titles, 7 SKI/NBL national titles, and gives his time as an unpaid instructor for 18 years now. Sensei Shay’s teaching style was extremely different from my other instructors, and I received the most value from his rich vocabulary of techniques. The vocabulary combines of physical, philisophical, and practical knowledge that he clearly has spent decades refining.

In this episode, Sensei Shay shares his philosophy on how a successful martial artist is made, including what it takes to be a champion. He also talks a little bit about the hard work that goes into preparing for competition, no matter what your event.

Photo Credit: unsplash-logoKevin Noble